We are still active….

So… Long time have passed since a update have been made, but because of personal reasons there have been a delay in recording our EP. Now it is time to continue the musical journey.

We have made some changes to both the musical arrangement and people involved in the project.

The music section of this site will receive some new tunes the following weeks, the old sample is removed.

Stay tuned for further updates ?

Work continues… 

So the work on our EP is still going on, mixing sessions is the main event of the month. Hopefully you will follow our Facebook page so you don’t miss out on anything ?

The excitement is great for how things are going and the music is brutal and groovy ? stay tuned for more

Don’t forget to check out the music section for our full length EP sample – Screaming Eternally ?

Gathering the horde

During the forthcoming weekend 3-5 november Argus and Rogner is planning the next move, a massive update will follow! Stay tuned!!!!!